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  Tuesday, December 7, 2010    Matt Yonkovit

Come join us for this free hour long webinar to learn about migrating from MyISAM to Innodb

In recent releases of MySQL the default storage engine for MySQL has switched from MyISAM to Innodb. Whats does that mean? Is the world coming to an end? Are cats and dogs living together? Will your application continue to work? How will this change impact you? Should you move all your MyIsam tables to Innodb?

Many people are still running Older versions of MySQL, and still create tables with the default storage engine. We have personally seen many self proclaimed Innodb only shops with a large number of MySIAM tables. You may wonder what's the big deal? Did you know that MyISAM tables cause full table locks? Did you also know that only indexes are stored in the Key buffer, data pages still need to be read from disk? Or how about the MyISAM tables are not 100% crash safe?

Life is full of uncertainty. Let the experts at Percona help you take some of that uncertainty out of MySQL. Join us for an hour to discuss why converting now to Innodb from MyISAM can help your application in the long run. During this webinar we will help you understand the differences between the storage engines, where they are widely used, key gotchas and limitations in each of the storage engines, and finally give you idea's on how to plan and execute a migration from MyISAM.

About the Author

Matt Yonkovit

Matt Yonkovit is Percona’s Chief Experience Officer, overseeing company strategy & marketing functions, as well as operating as the chief storyteller. Before joining Percona in 2009, Matt worked at MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems as a Solution Architect, building out and optimizing high performance, scalable, and always-available infrastructure for Fortune 500 and countless other web properties. He has carried this experience and expertise into his executive leadership roles, helping build Percona's customer offerings and guiding the growth of services by 10X over the course of his career, leading to a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating. With 20+ years in the open source database industry, Matt specializes in guiding customers to achieve their specific objectives. He has a passion for performance and takes pride in contributing to the vibrant open source community, as well as finding and mentoring Percona’s future leaders. Matt is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and attended Grand Valley State University. He now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, daughter, cat, and dog, where he enjoys fantasy sports, playing video games, listening to rock music, as well as taking things apart to figure out how they work.