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Percona MySQL Database Performance Audit

A MySQL Database Performance Audit methodically and analytically reviews your servers, analyzes the status of your current configuration and provides a detailed report of its current health, as well as details on potential areas for improvement. Our goal is to point out inefficiencies, find problems before they occur and make sure your database is in the best position possible to handle future load.

What is Reviewed:

  • Hardware
  • OS
  • Server Level Metrics & Stats
  • MySQL Configuration
  • MySQL Level Metrics & Stats
  • Database Schema
  • Historical Metrics
  • Queries running in the system

What is delivered:

  • Comprehensive report
  • A call to review the report results

What is covered:

Percona will perform the full in-depth review of:

  • Standard replication: one pair master-slave
  • MySQL/Galera: one node of the cluster for read/write operations

Total: $3,500.00

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