Performance and scalability have long been the requirements of successful websites and applications. However, recent world events have seen sudden and massive shifts toward modernization of processes, with overnight increases in traffic resulting in systems being pushed to their limits.

COVID-19 and the Tech World: Hyper-Growth and Hyper Slowdowns

Even in these difficult times, some companies are experiencing increases in usage and traffic. Learn how you can be prepared for a surge.

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How IT Can Scale and Manage Costs in an Economic Downturn

Learn what businesses can start doing now to help reduce infrastructure and database costs, but still keep things running smoothly.

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18 Things You Can Do to Remove MySQL Bottlenecks Caused by High Traffic

Peter Zaitzev discusses the 18 things you can do to handle an unexpected high traffic event in MySQL, even when it’s happening.

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Improve Database and Application Performance

Achieving your business goals means guaranteeing reliable applications, websites, and services. Your database environment performance — on-premises or in the cloud — is a crucial component of your database operations. With optimization and tuning, you can realize significant business impact:

A faster, more responsive system with improved workloads and performance up to 50%.

Lower database costs, saving millions of dollars on your database costs.

Happier customers, with increased database response speeds to meet user needs.

How Solid Database Planning Can Future Proof Your Business

Building your application on a stable database backend can prevent costly and time-consuming problems.

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Database Checklist for
High Traffic Events

Download our checklist to discover what you should be doing in your database environment to better prepare for high traffic events.

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The Hidden Costs of Not Properly Managing Your Databases

Discover the true cost of downtime and the potential losses that can happen without a well-configured database and infrastructure setup.

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Database Optimization Tips and Tricks

Explore our posts and webinars to help you learn more about how to optimize your MySQL, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL database.

Why Choose Percona

Percona has helped set up, tune, and optimize most of the databases that run and power the modern web since 2006. Our large and diverse customer list boasts one of the highest renewal rates in the business. Percona experts know open source database software — MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and more. We help our clients achieve better application performance by maximizing database performance, whether on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of the two.

Optimize Your Database

Let us show you how to scale your systems to meet even the most extreme growth.