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Percona Data Recovery

If and when a crash occurs, a loss of data can cripple your business. Your data recovery solution should both restore your critical data and minimize negative impact to your customers, who will not tolerate a loss of their data.

Percona offers enterprise-class support services for help in times of crisis. If you have experienced a data loss and require data recovery assistance, we are ready to help. Whatever your problem, our support experts are ready with the knowledge and tools to recover your data.

If you are experiencing a data loss:

Please contact us for immediate help. Here’s how: During weekday business hours (8-5 Pacific time) call our sales team. At any other time, 24x7, call our support emergency line at +1-877-862-4316. You will need a credit card to order.

For non-urgent data recovery projects, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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General Inquiries

For general inquiries, please send us your question and someone will contact you.