The Developer Friendly Database of Choice

With over 30 years of active development, PostgreSQL is known for its reliability, feature robustness, and performance. Able to handle all levels of workload with thousands of tools, extensions, connectors, and community-contributed add-ons, it is a popular choice for Oracle database migration.

PostgreSQL is designed to be developer-friendly, with support for special data types, a robust procedural language, and special functions, making it easy to expand to fit any environment or need.

Meeting the Needs of a Modern Enterprise

While at its core the PostgreSQL server has many features, it does not meet all the needs of a modern enterprise. The community has built many extensions and add-ons to fill in the gaps. However, these often overlap or provide similar functionality to one another which can lead to confusion and possible incompatibility when using combinations of tools together.

Enterprise companies need a way to guarantee that the tools, add-ons, and extensions they require are going to work together, are easy to deploy, are certified, and supported by a trusted vendor.

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Features

high availability
Improved application reliability. High availability, backup, and recovery solutions keep your business-critical workloads up and running.

Auditing and security
Enhanced data security and compliance A robust access control system, backup encryption, and auditing capabilities ensure your data is kept safe.

Backup and recovery
Increased reliability, scalability, and security. Our tested PostgreSQL tools deliver the enterprise capabilities your business-critical applications need.

Improved database efficiency and performance. Our PostgreSQL tools allow you to optimize space, enhance query performance, and make efficient use of your database resources.

Reduced complexity. A complete PostgreSQL solution that enables you to easily customize the database for your specific application and environment needs.

Increased flexibility. A database designed to be developer-friendly, with support for special data types, contributor extensions, a robust procedural language, and special functions.

Why Percona

Navigate Multi-Databases

92% of all companies have more than one database in their environment.

As the only provider of distributions for all three of the most popular open source databases—PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB—Percona provides expertise, software, support, and services no matter the technology.

Hybrid and Cloud Support

41% of enterprises running databases in multiple cloud providers and 61% running a hybrid with both on-premises and cloud.

Percona partners with all major cloud providers, providing expertise and support for a multitude of platforms.

Performance and Speed

Percona drives open source database performance and scale like no one else.

Whether its enabling developers or DBAs to realize value faster with tools, advice, and guidance, or making sure applications can scale and handle peak loads, Percona is here to help.

Always Open Source

Percona is committed to being open source and preventing vendor lock-in.

Percona contributes all changes to the upstream community for possible inclusion in future product releases.