The Developer Friendly Database of Choice

With over 23 years of active development, PostgreSQL is known for its reliability, feature robustness, and performance. Able to handle all levels of workload with thousands of tools, extensions, connectors and community-contributed add-ons, it is a popular choice for Oracle database migration.

PostgreSQL is designed to be developer-friendly, with support for special data types, a robust procedural language, and special functions, making it easy to expand to fit any environment or need.

Meeting the Needs of a Modern Enterprise

While at its core the PostgreSQL server has many features, it does not meet all the needs of a modern enterprise. The community has built many extensions and add-ons to fill in the gaps. However, these often overlap or provide similar functionality to one another which can lead to confusion and possible incompatibility when using combinations of tools together.

Enterprise companies need a way to guarantee that the tools, add-ons, and extensions they require are going to work together, are easy to deploy, are certified, and supported by a trusted vendor.