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Percona Server Feature Comparison

Percona Server is free, open source software which is an enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL®. With Percona Server:

  • Your queries will run faster and more consistently
  • You will consolidate servers on powerful hardware
  • You will delay sharding, or avoid it entirely
  • You will save money on hosting fees and power
  • You will spend less time tuning and administering
  • You will achieve higher uptime
  • You will troubleshoot without guesswork

We provide these benefits by significantly enhancing Percona Server as compared to MySQL Community Edition:

FeaturePercona Server 5.5MySQL 5.5 CE
Open sourceYesYes
ACID ComplianceYesYes
Multi-Version Concurrency ControlYesYes
Row-Level LockingYesYes
Automatic Crash RecoveryYesYes
Table PartitioningYesYes
Stored ProceduresYesYes
Foreign KeysYesYes
Extra Features for DevelopersPercona Server 5.5MySQL 5.5 CE
NoSQL Socket-Level InterfaceYes 
Extra Hash/Digest FunctionsYes 
Extra Diagnostic FeaturesPercona Server 5.5MySQL 5.5 CE
Global Performance and Status Counters366308
Per-Table Performance CountersYes 
Per-Index Performance CountersYes 
Per-User Performance CountersYes 
Per-Client Performance CountersYes 
High-Resolution Process List TimingYes 
Performance & Scalability EnhancementsPercona Server 5.5MySQL 5.5 CE
Partitioned Adaptive Hash SearchYes 
Fast Checksum AlgorithmYes 
Buffer Pool Pre-LoadYes 
Support for FlashCacheYes 
Extra Features for DBA/Operations StaffPercona Server 5.5MySQL 5.5 CE
Import Tables From Different ServersYes 
PAM authenticationYes(Enterprise Only)
Audit LogYes(Enterprise Only)
ThreadpoolYes(Enterprise Only)