Today many infrastructure teams are turning to DBaaS technologies to meet the ever-increasing pressure to quickly and consistently deliver database services to application developers.

Our vision is to provide a truly open source solution that won’t lock companies into one vendor. A single pane of glass allowing users to easily manage open source database infrastructures, featuring a self-service experience that enables fast and consistent open source database deployment.

Our goal is to deliver the benefits our customers are looking for, including:

  • A single interface to deploy and manage open source databases on-prem, in the cloud, or across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • The ability to configure a database once and deploy it anywhere.
  • Critical database management operations, such as backup, recovery, and patching.
  • Enhanced automation and advisory services to find, eliminate, and prevent outages, security issues, and slowdowns.
  • A viable alternative to public cloud and large enterprise database vendor DBaaS offerings, eliminating vendor lock-in.

The Preview of Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Percona Monitoring and Management is Now Live!

Details for Interested Participants

The Preview focuses on:

  1. Gathering feedback which allows us to understand the applicable user personas and the goals and objectives required in their day-to-day roles.
  2. Gathering feedback on the user experience, specifically involving the creation, editing, and deleting of database clusters and the databases within those clusters. We will also gather feedback on the management of those clusters and the monitoring of added database servers and nodes.

We are focusing on database deployment and management features, as they help users improve their productivity.

Other details to note...

  • Feedback is gathered through self-paced activities, facilitated through the Percona Forum.
  • Community Preview participant questions will be facilitated through the Percona Forum.

Register today to become a crucial participant in this initiative and help shape the experience of future users as we develop and test this new software functionality.