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Percona Enterprise-Wide Database Support

The growing mix of technologies businesses use to make applications and websites deliver business results often leads to a variety of enterprise databases running on a mix of physical, virtual and cloud servers. To complicate matters more, changing business needs and new business goals means spinning up and tearing down databases regularly – especially in the cloud or when using a database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

All this database technology needs support and maintenance, but counting servers is the last thing you want to worry about. Businesses require an all-in-one enterprise database support plan that covers their database server technologies and platforms, allowing them to mix, match and change servers as needed.

“Our customers and their chosen transportation companies require instant access to up-to-the minute data. We can’t have database servers down, or running at low performance levels. As our business scales, our database performance must also scale. Percona ensures that it does.”

Daryl Peeters, Application Engineer at Transsmart

Tired of counting database servers?

Percona enterprise-wide support is a highly responsive, effective and affordable option to ensure the continuous performance of all your current and yet-to-be-deployed MySQL®, MariaDB® and MongoDB® database instances across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers (as found on Google Cloud Services, AWS, Atlas, etc.). Percona enterprise-wide support prevents database and server instability, ensures data recovery, increases performance and response times, minimizes outages and provides proactive monitoring and alert responses.

  • Does the number and type of your database servers change constantly? No problem.

    Percona’s enterprise-wide support for unlimited MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB servers matches the way you scale and grow your business.

  • Worried that technology complexity will limit your growth or scalability? We’ve got you covered.

    Percona’s industry-leading technology experts use their full-stack proficiency to help thousands of customers in almost every industry ensure highly reliable, high-performance database infrastructures.

  • Concerned over setting a budget that can handle growth and scalability? We have your answer.

    Lower your TCO by combining your MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB database support needs with a single enterprise-class vendor, simple contracts, and flexible pricing and payment options that meet your budget requirements.

Database support you can count on

Percona Enterprise-Wide database support includes 24x7x365 online and phone-based support. Even if you have your own highly skilled technical staff, Percona Support can help you solve issues a lot faster. Nearly every problem our support engineers are asked has been seen before, by one of the experts on our team. An issue that could take several weeks for your staff to diagnose and fix can often be solved in just a few hours by our support team.

Unlike other companies who restrict your interactions to non-real-time trouble tickets, Percona Enterprise-Wide database support provides you with real-time electronic and phone access to our expert technical team. Our phones and chat lines are served by our amazing technical expert who can immediately engage with you on support requests. It’s no wonder that Percona Support gets some of the best reviews and has one of the highest renewal rates in the industry. We care about support and we go the extra mile to ensure our support customers get great value.

To discuss how Percona Enterprise-Wide Support can help your business, please call us at +1-888-316-9775 (USA), +44 203 608 6727 (Europe), or have us contact you:

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