Contact Percona Support

Whether you are currently a Percona Support customer or will soon become one, you can reach the Percona technical support staff directly, 24x7, in any of the following ways:

Skype: oncall.percona

Telephone direct-to-engineer: +1-877-862-4316 or UK Toll Free +44-800-088-5561

Customer portal: https://customers.percona.com

The Skype account will connect you directly to Percona engineers who are on duty 24x7. The direct-to-engineer telephone line is staffed 24x7 as well but call routing may take several minutes to complete.

Current Percona customers can use the contact methods above for routine and emergency support requests.

If you are not currently a Percona customer, you must provide a credit card and agree to our online contract prior to receiving assistance. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments are accepted by phone.