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Percona Custom MySQL Training

Why choose Percona Custom MySQL Training?

  • Cost efficient for groups of 3 or more
  • Customized for your needs
  • Enjoy privacy and the freedom to discuss your unique issues
  • Delivered in the format of your choice
“The course was excellent. It felt like a custom training session for our specific business requirements. Thank you!”

Percona MySQL Training is customizable so your team will receive exactly the training it needs. We first understand your MySQL learning goals and then customize our courses by pulling from our vast resources of webinars, white papers, and conference presentations. Custom training can cover MySQL upgrades, architecture review, or extended discussion on any of your pain points, to name a few options. The final custom MySQL training is up to you and so is the way in which it is delivered. Percona can deliver custom MySQL training as:

  • Onsite Training – Our instructor is physically present in the same location as the students. This is traditional instructor lead training.
  • Live Virtual Training - The instructor and students are in the same virtual space at the same time but attend the training session from different locations. Live Virtual Training supports real-time interaction with the instructor and students.
  • Blended Training - Blending Onsite Training and Live Virtual Training allows us to optimize knowledge transfer while reducing time away from work for your employees. For example, your group can learn new tips and techniques via Live Virtual Training and then the trainer can come onsite to complete an intensive multi-day, hands-on session to ensure successful learning.

By leveraging the real-world experience of our Percona MySQL consultants we deliver greater value than typical MySQL training companies. Contact us today to learn about any of our custom training options.