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Remote DBA for MongoDB®

Augment or outsource your database administration and leverage the industry’s leading team of DBAs

Good MongoDB Database Administrators (DBAs) are hard to find. At Percona, we have a lot of them.

Percona Remote DBA for MongoDB services provides comprehensive, around-the-clock remote administration of your most critical databases. We provide architecture and design advice, project assistance and outsourcing, database tuning and performance optimization and 24x7 monitoring and alert response tailored to your specific environment. These services are performed on your behalf by the industry’s leading team of DBAs and data performance experts.

Percona provides Remote DBA for MongoDB services for clients using:

  • MongoDB Core
  • MongoDB Sharding
  • MongoDB Engines
    • PerconaFT
    • RocksDB
    • WiredTiger
  • MMAPv2
  • more to come

Percona Remote DBA for MongoDB clients:

  • Notice immediate system performance improvements and dramatic reductions in critical incidents
  • Gain access to our entire team of industry-leading data performance and DBA experts
  • Save on personnel costs through cost-effective outsourcing and staff augmentation
  • Get the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing their database is tuned and optimized
  • Sleep well at night knowing their data systems are monitored around the clock for security and performance

Optimization for success

As data becomes a more critical component of success, businesses are finding that high performance databases are hard to build and keep tuned as requirements change. In addition, MongoDB DBAs are hard to find—and even harder to keep. With Percona Remote DBA for MongoDB, no matter how big your website or embedded applications are, and no matter what your price point is, you can ensure that your database environment is fully optimized, always available, and supported by the most trusted team of developers and DBAs in the business.

Percona Remote DBA for MongoDB services are available to organizations worldwide, whether running their servers on premise or in the cloud. We work with you to craft a solution that uniquely meets your exact requirements.

The Percona Remote DBA for MongoDB service includes:

  • Monitoring Alert Response and Resolution

    24x7 monitoring and response to correct performance, availability, and critical security issues that may occur on your database servers

  • Database Backups

    Setup and monitor a best-in-class database backup suite which allows for seamless and efficient backups while preventing disruptions to your production environment

  • Backups Restoration

    Restore databases from your backups as needed using tools and techniques that enable point-in-time recovery across the entire server or a specific schema or table

  • Onboarding and Periodic Audits

    Perform an initial system audit, followed by periodic audits thereafter to provide both a health and security check of the monitored hosts, as well as ongoing tuning recommendations as your applications evolve

  • Proactive Tuning and Maintenance

    Update your systems to comply with our best practices for your most critical servers. We ensure your queries are properly tuned, perform query reviews and performance analysis, and notify you when additional changes may be necessary. Our teams frequently improve system utilization, resulting in lower infrastructure spending and TCO

  • Database and Systems Verification

    Optimize the configuration of OS, file system and database options

  • Sharding

    Setup and monitor sharding, including addition and removal of shards to allow you to flexibly scale your costs to optimize your stack

  • Flexible Contact Methods

    All customers have access to a secure website providing a comprehensive view of database server status, backups status and other performance metrics. Additionally, our expert DBAs can be contacted via phone, email, or chat

  • Unlimited Operational Tasks

    Includes database schema changes, indexing, minor version MongoDB upgrades, restaging servers, and on demand query tuning

  • Provisioning and Configuration

    Utilizing our public Ansible playbooks, we will help provision any new gear you need, be it in the cloud or your own locations

  • 15-Minute SLA

    24x7 response for Severity 1 issues from our worldwide team of DBA experts

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