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  Wednesday, August 26, 2015
   Jon Tobin

Scaling MongoDB: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Join Jon Tobin, Percona Senior Sales Engineer, for a webinar about the key features of MongoDB 3.0 and how they may effect future scaling of your platform. Many customers are looking for a way to increase the throughput of their MongoDB 3.0 deployments while reducing costs. The goal of this webinar will be to help you make intelligent decisions about your infrastructure today, that will help you efficiently and effectively scale tomorrow.

In this webinar, Jon will be addressing:

  • Key features of MongoDB 3.0
  • How MongoDB scales
  • Aspects of MongoDB 3.0 that can affect future scale
  • How you can avoid common scaling problems
Jon Tobin
Director of Solution Engineering
When not saving kittens from sequoias or helping the elderly across busy intersections, Jon Tobin is Percona's Director of Solutions Engineering. He has spent over 15 years in the IT industry. For the last 6 years, Jon has been helping innovative IT companies assess and address customer's business needs through well designed solutions.

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