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  Monday, October 12, 2020    Corrado Pandiani

NOTE: This webinar will be delivered in Italian.

MongoDB is the most used document-base database but some of the more requested features are available only in the Enterprise version. Percona is an alternative to MongoDB with its open source, solid and 100% compatible server. In this webinar, in Italian, you will learn about PSMDB and, with our Italian financial customer, Fabrick, will discuss its experience with Percona Support Services.

MongoDB è il database documentale più usato, ma alcune delle sue funzionalità più richieste sono disponibili solo nella versione Enterprise. Percona si propone come alternativa a MongoDB con una versione open source, solida e 100% compatibile. In questo webinar, in italiano, vedremo cos'è Percona Server per MongoDB e, insieme ad un nostro cliente italiano del mondo della finanza, Fabrick, parleremo dell'esperienza con Percona.

Maurizio La Plagia Head of IT PFM & Smart Banking @Fabrick

About the Author

Corrado Pandiani

Prior to joining Percona as a Senior Consultant, Corrado spent more than 20 years in developing web sites and designing and administering MySQL in particular in the football industry. He is a MySQL enthusiast since version 3.23 and his skills are focused on performances and architectural design. He's also a trainer and a MongoDB consultant.