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  Wednesday, October 14, 2020    Ananias Tsalouchidis

Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) can be thought of as a platform that can be used to manage an organization’s database environment(s). One of the most well known DBaaS platforms is Aurora powered by AWS.

In this webinar Ananias Tsalouchidis, Senior MySQL DBA at Percona, will discuss how Percona can convert your DBaaS to a fully managed solution ensuring that Aurora is properly optimized for better application performance, creating proper architecture and design, achieving better monitoring and troubleshooting and performing other mission critical platform operations.

We’ll be joined by Richard Chart, Chief Scientist at ScienceLogic, who will discuss the hands on implications of working with Percona and utilizing our technology to support their growing needs. In addition, we’ll be joined by technical experts Vijay Karumajji and Aditya Samant, MySQL Specialist Solutions Architects from AWS, who’ll touch base on the many benefits of Aurora.

About the Author

Ananias Tsalouchidis

Ananias Tsalouchidis is a Senior MySQL DBA in the Managed Services team.