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  Wednesday, December 9, 2015
   Alexander Rubin

MySQL 5.7 in a Nutshell

MySQL® 5.7 is a great release which has a lot to offer, especially in the development and replication areas. It provides a lot of new optimizer features for developers to take advantage of, a much more powerful GIS function and high performance JSON data type, allowing for a more powerful store for semi-structured data. It also features dramatically improved Performance Schema, Parallel and Multi-Source replication, allowing you to scale much further than ever before, just to give you a taste. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the most important MySQL 5.7 features.

This webinar will be part of a 3-part series which will include MySQL 5.7 for Developers and MySQL 5.7 for DBAs.

Alexander Rubin
Principal Consultant
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