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  Wednesday, July 29, 2015    Daniel Guzmán Burgos

Performance Schema has been available since MySQL 5.5 and for several years. However, it is still difficult for DBAs and Developers to see production servers with Performance Schema enabled, even with MySQL 5.6, where the feature is enabled by default. One of the many reasons behind the difficulty is 52 tables to query and 31 configuration variables-- enough to scare people.

This is where SYS Schema comes to play: to solve the usability problem. MySQL SYS Schema is a collection of views, functions and procedures that help MySQL administrators get insight into MySQL database usage. This is "user friendly" Performance Schema.

This webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to SYS Schema
  • Installation
  • Overview of objects
  • Examples

About the Author

Daniel Guzmán Burgos

Daniel studied Electronic Engineering, but quickly becomes interested on all data things. Worked as a DBA since 2007 for several companies including one of the major social gaming company at that time in Latin America. Daniel lives in Bogotá, Colombia and in his free time love to spend time with his family and to eat on any kind restaurants. Working for Percona since 2014, he is part of the Consulting team.