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  Tuesday, July 14, 2020    Daniel Guzmán Burgos, Steve Hoffman

Data breaches seem to be a daily occurrence, so much so that seeing an article about the latest company to fall victim draws little attention outside of those immediately impacted. That is of course unless that company is yours and data security is your responsibility! While companies continue to invest heavily in fortifying networks with firewalls and event monitors, spend heavily on user education, and add layer after layer of complex protection, incidents continue to rise. What we’re seeing is an alarming trend of protecting against the most complex attack vectors and ignoring the simplest ones: an improperly configured database.

Join Steve Hoffman, VP of Engineering and Daniel Guzman Burgos, Technical Lead as they discuss the Percona Monitoring and Management: Security Threat Tool which was designed to keep constant watch for some of the most common database security mistakes and draw immediate attention to the issues that can't wait to be addressed.

About the Authors

Daniel Guzmán Burgos

Daniel studied Electronic Engineering, but quickly becomes interested on all data things. Worked as a DBA since 2007 for several companies including one of the major social gaming company at that time in Latin America. Daniel lives in Bogotá, Colombia and in his free time love to spend time with his family and to eat on any kind restaurants. Working for Percona since 2014, he is part of the Consulting team.

Steve Hoffman

Steve is a technology leader who thrives in challenging, fast-paced environments committed to delivering solutions and value to both the internal and external customer. Rich mix of business management and technology coupled with demonstrated ability to lead multiple development teams on multiple platforms focusing on meeting performance, operational and financial objectives.