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  Tuesday, November 10, 2020    Michał Nosek, Stephen Thorn

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with it’s CloudSQL offering, has become a leading platform for database-as-a-service workload deployments for many organizations. Scale and High Availability have surfaced as primary goals for many of these deployments. Unfortunately, the attainment of these objectives has been challenging. Often, the answer has been to simply add more CloudSQL databases. Many, however, have found a better solution in Percona’s fully managed MySQL environment based in Google’s GCE. Percona’s fully managed MySQL offering provides benefits similar to CloudSQL, plus the ability to run MySQL with an unlimited number of tables and much more reliable database availability. This has empowered these organizations to reclaim control over their architecture decisions. With Percona’s fully managed MySQL, your database architecture choices are once again based on your needs and the needs of your workload, rather than the capabilities of the underlying platform. Learn more about GCP and the benefits of a Percona's fully managed database service to scale and consolidate your databases.

About the Authors

Michał Nosek

Michał Nosek is a Senior Solutions Engineer with 10+ years of industry experience in various customer-facing software engineering roles, driven by connecting the world of business and technology through innovative solutions that solve challenging business problems.

Stephen Thorn

Stephen Thorn is a Solutions Engineer who excels in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments. A detailed-oriented planner who effectively leads teams of all sizes and environments.