Nov 3, 2020

SQL Row Store vs Data Warehouse: Which Is Right for Your Application? - Robert Hodges - PLO October 2020

MySQL and PostgreSQL are the goto SQL databases for a huge number of services. But what if your service generates billions or even trillions of records? This talk helps listeners decide when applications work better with a SQL data warehouse.


Nov 3, 2020

Introducing Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster - David Zhao Wei - Percona Live ONLINE 2020

Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster is a distributed DBMS that aims to combine the best of both MySQL and PostgreSQL to meet the challenges of an ever-growing amount of data to manage and provide users with a highly performant, highly available, highly scalable and fault-tolerant, easy to use and manage database system that requires minimal human maintenance.

Kunlun Distributed Database Cluster enables users to define table...


Nov 3, 2020

pg_stat_monitor: A cool extension for better monitoring using PMM - Percona Live Online 2020

pg_stat_monitor is a statistics collection tool authored by Percona and contributed to the community. It is based on pg_stat_statements, an existing PostgreSQL contrib module. The major shortcoming in pg_stat_statements is that it accumulates all the queries and their statistics but does not provide aggregated statistics nor histogram information. In this case, a user needs to calculate the aggregate, which is quite expensive....

PostgreSQLPercona Monitoring and Management

Nov 3, 2020

PostgreSQL WAL and Commit Synchronization, Optimization Opportunities - Jobin Augustine - PLO October 2020

PostgreSQL uses different types of WAL records for recording activities happening on the database. A deeper understanding of what they are, how they are synchronized, what the optimization opportunities are, etc., can lead to a better-tuned system.

This talk also discusses the different sets of PostgreSQL parameters and their impact on WAL and optimization considerations for a high-performance database.


Nov 3, 2020

Security and Traceability on Distributed Database Systems - Julien Riou - Percona Live ONLINE 2020

Managing a single PostgreSQL instance can be challenging when failures happen. Replicas can be added and promoted when needed. However, application traffic has to be redirected to the new primary. At OVHcloud, a major cloud computing provider in Europe, we use load balancers in front of our databases clusters on production. In that case, PostgreSQL sees then all client connections coming from those IP addresses. That means we couldn't...


Oct 26, 2020

A Look at the Elephant's Trunk PostgreSQL 13 - Magnus Hagander

PostgreSQL version 13 was released on September 24th. As usual, this new release comes with well over a hundred new features, both for existing users looking to upgrade and new users looking to build or migrate. In this keynote, we'll look at a few of the bigger ones, and what they can do.

Magnus Hagander is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and a developer and code committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.


Oct 26, 2020

The Democratization of Databases - Bruce Momjian

This presentation covers the history of various governing structures and why democracy provides superior results. It then explains that an OpenSource is a form of democracy, compared to the methods used by proprietary software producers. It covers the many benefits Postgres has enjoyed using an open development model, and how its future remains bright.

Bruce Momjian is co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global...

Open Source DatabasePostgreSQL

Sep 23, 2020

PostgreSQL High-Performance Tuning and Optimization

Please watch Percona’s Senior Software Engineer, Ibrar Ahmed as he presents the “PostgreSQL High-Performance Tuning and Optimization" webinar.

PostgreSQL is one of the leading open-source databases. Out of the box, the default PostgreSQL configuration is not tuned for any workload. Thus, any system with least resources can run it. PostgreSQL does not give optimum performance on high permanence machines because it is not using the...

PostgreSQLPerformance Optimization

Aug 26, 2020

Understanding and Optimizing commit sychronization for maximum performance

Jobin Augustine present "Understanding and Optimizing commit sychronization for maximum performance"

Durability by PostgreSQL is taken for granted. PostgreSQL allows it to be tweaked at different levels. A better understanding of the commit synchronization and how it interacts with standby databases can help to optimize the performance while achieving the desired durability.

-Interaction with OS
-Interaction with the...


Aug 26, 2020

Migrating from MSSQL to PostgreSQL

Robert Bernier present "Migrating from MSSQL to PostgreSQL"

This presentation details the real world migration of an aging MSSQL enterprise server to PostgreSQL. The migration resulted in a more agile and responsive infrastructure tailored to today's circumstances and scaling opportunities.

- About the challenge
- About the solution
- The technical details
- Executing the migration
- Post migration