Min Qiu (Alibaba Group),Hui Liu (Alibaba Group) delivers the talk, "What's New in Alibaba's X-DB SQL Engine", on DAY 1 of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2018, 4/24, at Santa Clara, CA.

X-DB is Alibaba's next-generation distributed and intelligent database which is ACID compliant, horizontally scalable, globally deployed and highly available. Motivated by the ideas of decoupling compute and storage, and intelligent database, we proposed a hardware/software co-designed architecture for X-DB to pursue extreme performance cost ratio, in order to support the world's largest and still fast-growing e-commerce platform. In this talk, we'll introduce the work we have done in X-DB's SQL Engine.

- Plan Cache: a plus to MySQL Engine which boosts QPS by up to 170% on sysbench workloads and 34% on Alibaba's online purchasing system. We'll explain details of how it is created and used to skip heavy index dives at optimization stage, the efficient cache management, and the performance benefits.

- A state-of-art distributed SQL processing framework: the key component of X-DB built on top of MySQL Engine. We'll take a deep dive into the architecture, implementation details and leveraged technologies (i.e. high-performance RPC and scheduling sub-systems). We'll also share the achievement and lessons learned so far, as well as our roadmap.

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