pg_stat_monitor is a statistics collection tool authored by Percona and contributed to the community. It is based on pg_stat_statements, an existing PostgreSQL contrib module. The major shortcoming in pg_stat_statements is that it accumulates all the queries and their statistics but does not provide aggregated statistics nor histogram information. In this case, a user needs to calculate the aggregate, which is quite expensive. pg_stat_monitor provides the pre-calculated aggregates.

pg_stat_monitor collects and aggregates data on a bucket basis. The size and number of buckets is configured using GUC (Grand Unified Configuration). The buckets are used to collect the statistics and aggregate them into a bucket. This talk covers the usage of pg_stat_monitor and how it is an improvement on pg_stat_statements. pg_stat_monitor is added to Percona Monitoring and Management to collect query metrics. This provides users the ability to see examples instead of fingerprints. pg_stat_monitor provides more accurate data because of bucket based logic. Also, collecting data from pg_stat_monitor provides better performance than pg_stat_statements.

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