Mar 22, 2013
 Percona Live University - Toronto
  Miguel Ángel Nieto

I’m going to answer the following questions and give a detailed overview that will let us to start working with it:
• What is GTID?
• What problems GTID solves?
• How can I implement it?
• How can I repair it?
• How can I use it for HA and Failover?
• Take in account...

About the Author

Miguel Ángel Nieto

Miguel joined Percona in October 2011. Miguel has worked as a System Administrator for a Free Software consultant and in the supporting area of the biggest hosting company in Spain. Some of his past projects include designing and installing new LAMP infrastructures, mail servers, security firewalls and HA infrastructures. Miguel's current focus is improving MySQL and helping the community of Free Software to grow. Along with computers and databases, Miguel also enjoys reading science fiction books, watching soccer and playing video games. He lives in Northern Spain.