Jul 15, 2015
 Percona MySQL Webinar
  Akshay Suryawanshi

When your MySQL unexpectedly goes down, how confident are you that your current backup and recovery strategy can quickly get you back in business? MySQL backup and recovery processes are foundational to the success of any application infrastructure and can be the difference between a minor outage and the end of a business. In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of how to approach creating a best-in-class backup and recovery system for your MySQL environment.

Join Akshay Suryawanshi, Percona Remote DBA Team Manager, as he shares backup and recovery best practices gained from working with some of the largest MySQL users in the world.

Topics include:

  • Various types of backups: Physical, logical and binlog mirroring
  • How Percona XtraBackup, mysqldump 5.6 for binlogs and other backup tools work
  • Mydumper advanced features and benefits such as less-locking, save-points and chunks filesize/rows
  • How to restore each type of backup, including restoring to a point in time using binlogs
  • Using Amazon S3 for a long-term storage


About the Author

Akshay Suryawanshi

Akshay started working at Percona since March 2013. He started with the Support team and later went on to join the fast-growing Remote DBA team. Currently he manages the APAC zone for the Remote DBA team. Before joining Percona, Akshay worked at another database services provider for more than a year, where he managed a shift supporting more than a couple of dozen clients. Akshay's current interests include Photography, following Formula 1 racing, reading technical books. He lives near Mumbai, married since May, 2013.