Feb 12, 2014
 Percona Live MySQL Webinar
  Vadim Tkachenko

Access the recording of this webinar: http://www.percona.com/resources/mysql-webinars/analyze-mysql-query-perf...

Queries are often the main culprit for MySQL database performance problems with today’s workloads. The beta release of Percona Cloud Tools reveals new insights about database performance which enables you to improve the performance of your MySQL database queries and applications. The Percona Cloud Tools Query Analytics component collects and analyzes queries from your application to identify the top opportunities for improvement.

Vadim Tkachenko, Percona CTO and Co-Founder, discusses how to:

  • Set up Percona Cloud Tools Query Analytics
  • Decipher advanced database query metrics
  • Identify the best opportunities to achieve significant query performance improvements

About the Author

Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim Tkachenko co-founded Percona in 2006 and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. He leads Percona CTO Labs, which focuses on technology research and performance evaluations of Percona and third-party products, designing hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases that surpass the standard performance and functionality scenario benchmarks. Under his supervision, Percona has developed and shipped Percona Server for MySQL, Percona XtraBackup, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Percona Server for MongoDB. Vadim’s expertise in LAMP performance and multi-threaded programming help optimize MySQL and InnoDB internals to take full advantage of modern hardware. Oracle Corporation and its predecessors have incorporated Vadim’s source code patches into the mainstream MySQL and InnoDB products. Prior to joining Percona, Vadim served as Performance Engineer at MySQL AB as well as founded a web development company in his native Ukraine. He also spent two years in the High-Performance Group within the official MySQL support team. In addition, Vadim has also co-authored the book High-Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication, 3rd Edition. Vadim received a BS in Economics and an MS in Computer Science from the National Technical University of Ukraine, and lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.