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  Wednesday, August 28, 2013    Ryan Lowe

Join Percona's Principal Consultant Ryan Lowe as he discusses the benefits, challenges, and keys to success when running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS. He'll cover:

  • The fundamentals of Amazon RDS
  • Scaling up
  • Scaling out
  • High availability and failure scenarios ¬†
  • Surprises and shortcomings¬†

At the end of this webinar, you will be able to determine if running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS is a viable solution for your business.

About the Author

Ryan Lowe

Ryan worked for a variety of companies, including several startups, and he has a background in many different database technologies. He has extensive experience as a developer, DBA, manager, and consultant. In addition, he has worked in a broad range of industries across the globe, including health care, telecommunications, social networking, and defense. His specialties include full-stack performance optimization, scaling, and high availability.

How Percona Can Help

If you are considering running MySQL 5.6 on Amazon RDS, the Percona Consulting team can help you:

  • Determine if RDS is right for you
  • Tune your RDS instances to fit your workload
  • Architect multi-region high availability strategies

Contact us now for more information.