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  Wednesday, November 6, 2013    Fernando Ipar

MySQL on Windows: A Survival Guide for Linux-Based DBAs

While traditionally MySQL has been deployed on Linux hosts, a significant percentage of users are running it on Microsoft® Windows. Accordingly, many MySQL DBAs with a Unix/Linux sysadmin background can feel lost working within this environment.

Join Percona Sr. Consultant Fernando Ipar as he reviews the main differences that can be found when running MySQL in these two environments. He will also discuss which Percona Toolkit tools work with Windows. The focus will be on helping Linux-based experts feel more comfortable with Windows. However, the information presented will also be useful for experienced Windows administrators who may not have enough MySQL knowledge.


About the Author

Fernando Ipar

Fernando Ipar is a MySQL Principal Consultant who works remotely from his family home in Montevideo, Uruguay. Initially, Fernando began using GNU/Linux in 1998 and MySQL in 2000, and his journey led him to become active in the technical community, contributing and at times leading open source projects as well as founding the Montevideo MySQL Meetup. Before coming to Pythian, he spent seven years at Percona, where he contributed to the Percona Toolkit and TokuMX Toolkit, among other endeavors. Fernando helped scale and troubleshoot the back-ends for businesses of all sizes including financial institutions, telcos, and other IT companies while also supporting their full stack needs.

About Percona Toolkit

Percona Toolkit contains advanced command-line tools to help MySQL administrators perform a variety of MySQL server and system tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually. Percona Toolkit supports all versions of MySQL including Percona Server, MariaDB, and MySQL by Oracle. For more information and to download this free software, visit the Percona Toolkit page.