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  Wednesday, September 25, 2013
   Peter Zaitsev

MySQL 5.6 Configuration Optimization

The default configuration files that come with MySQL 5.6 are not very helpful or good. You can spend a lot of time tweaking the variables within MySQL’s sample configuration files to work within your organization’s unique business environment. This often makes very little difference in performance or, worse yet, negatively affects it.

Join Percona’s CEO and Co-Founder Peter Zaitsev as he discusses a practical approach to generating a sensible configuration file that sets what is needed and omits what is not. Peter will focus on the new configuration settings within MySQL 5.6. At the end of this webinar, you will understand how to configure a better-performing MySQL 5.6 server that is more stable and resistant to many common problems.

Peter Zaitsev

How Percona Can Help

Percona Consulting can:

  • Review your system and help you identify the optimal configuration settings for your environment
  • Develop and execute a migration to 5.6 to take advantage of the new features and configuration options
  • Tune your system to get the most out of your application

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