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Migrating to Percona XtraDB Cluster

A lot of people are interested in Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) as a replacement for conventional MySQL® master/slave architectures to eliminate replication lag and achieve a highly-available masterless cluster of MySQL servers. But what would a migration look like?

This webinar will go over a high-level overview of PXC, as well as operational concerns, possible migration paths, key configuration tuning variables, and generally everything you'll need to migrate from an existing Master/Slave environment to PXC. This talk will primarily be an operational discussion; it will not cover in-depth details on how the cluster works.

We will cover such questions as:

  • What are the requirements for running PXC?
  • Will I have to reload all my tables?
  • How does configuration for the cluster differ from configuring a stand-alone InnoDB server?
  • How should my application interact with the Cluster?
  • Can I use PXC if I only have two MySQL servers currently?
  • How can I move to the Cluster and keep downtime to a minimum?
  • How can I migrate to PXC gradually?

This webinar was originally given in June of 2012, but has been updated for 2014 and Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PRESENTER: Jay Janssen, Managing Consultant

Slides: Download Here