Modern applications, such as the ones used in Social Networks and Ad Analytics, generate database access patterns that are read-write intensive and are different than patterns generated by traditional applications. Thus traditional database engines - the ones that have been designed, tuned and optimized for traditional workloads - are under-effective when presented with modern application workloads.

The TokuDB database engine based on Fractal Trees Indexing is optimized for database patterns presented by modern applications that are read-write intensive.

Percona Server with TokuDB provides a drop-in replacement to MySQL database systems delivering up to 20x performance and high ratio of compression (in the 5x-25x range) for modern applications that present a mixed read-write intensive workloads. Percona Cloud Tools, currently in free beta, reveals new insights about database performance which enables you to improve the performance of your MySQL database queries and applications. Percona Cloud Tools is a hosted service that uses TokuDB for its storage engine.

Join Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev and Jon Tobin, Sr. System Engineer at Tokutek, as they discuss the design differences, implementation details, and practical benefits of using TokuDB with Percona Server and Percona Cloud Tools.

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