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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 13:30 to 14:00


Traditional databases often suffer from performance problems in the face of big data. This talk will describe the typical challenges in handling a particular type of big data: machine generated data. This includes data sets which contain detailed advertising hit and click information, historical sales transaction records, web logs, or even scientific sensor data. Once the challenges are understood, Shard-Query will be introduced and the major features briefly described, as well as how each feature helps address the challenges. Finally, performance differences between Shard-Query and “vanilla” MySQL will be made.


Justin Swanhart

Justin Swanhart

Principal Support Engineer

Justin is a Principal Support Engineer on the support team. In the past, he was a trainer at Percona and a consultant. Justin also created and maintains Shard-Query, a middleware tool for sharding and parallel query execution and Flexviews, a tool for materialized views for MySQL. Prior to working at Percona Justin consulted for Proven Scaling, was a backend engineer at Yahoo! and a database administrator at Smule and Gazillion games.

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