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MySQL High Availability With Percona XtraDB Cluster

San Jose
United States
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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2025 Gateway Pl SUITE 390 San Jose, CA 95110
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9am - 5pm
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Join Percona for this special training workshop given by Pecona XtraDB Cluster expert Jay Janssen. This course aims to provide the student with a thorough working understanding of Percona XtraDB Cluster / Galera clusters and their associated use cases compared with other MySQL HA solutions used frequently today. The majority of this class will focus on using and operating Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC).
This 2-day course will provide a mixture of lecture and practical hands-on experiments. Topics that will be covered include:
MySQL High Availability Solutions Overview
Migrating a Master/Slave Setup to PXC
Galera Theory and Replication Mechanics
Application Behavior with PXC
Application to PXC High Availability
Monitoring Galera
Bootstrapping the Cluster
State Transfers
Tuning PXC
Backups and PXC
Troubleshooting PXC
PXC with Async Replication
Future Galera / PXC Development


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