The first annual Percona Performance Conference held in parallel with the 2009 MySQL Conference & Expo. Percona's event is done in cooperation with MySQL & O'Reilly. It held in the same convention hall and at the same time as the main event. But our agenda and content are 100% independently arranged by Percona. Percona's focus is more than MySQL alone; this conference covers a broad spectrum of LAMP-stack technologies used in high-performance environments.

Wednesday April 22 & Thursday April 23, 2009

Speakers include:
MySQL creator Monty Widenius, Drizzle creator Brian Aker, Sphinx creator Andrew Aksyonoff, and Google database guru Mark Callaghan. Percona's own speakers will include Peter Zaitsev, Vadim Tkachenko, and Baron Schwartz.

Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA 95054


April 22th

08:30 AM Keynote Address: Breaking Boundaries [slides]
Peter Zaitsev, Percona LLC
09:00 AM Maria In Depth
Monty Widenius, MontyProgram AB
09:55 AM The Return of Gearman [slides]
Eric Day, Sun Microsystems
10:50 AM Object Oriented CSS - for high performance websites and applications [slides]
Nicole Sullivan, Stubbornella
11:15 PM Fighting MySQL Replication Lag [slides]
Peter Zaitsev, Percona LLC
11:55 AM Scaling with Postgres [slides]
Robert Treat, OmniTI
12:20 PM Balanced Patricia Tries for Disk-Based Databases [slides]
Moshe Shadmon, ScaleDB
12:45 PM Your Disk Array is Slower Than it Should Be [slides]
Paul Tuckfield, YouTube
01:10 PM Quick wins with third party MySQL patches [slides]
Morgan Tocker, Percona LLC
01:35 PM Database Performance with Proxy Architectures [slides]
Robert Hodges, Continuent
02:00 PM Covering Indexes: Orders-of-Magnitude Improvements [slides]
Dr. Bradley C. Kuszmaul, Tokutek
02:25 PM Automated Performance Testing with JMeter and Maven [slides]
George Barnett, Atlassian Software Systems
02:50 PM EMT: Better Performance Monitoring [slides]
Eric Bergen, Proven Scaling
03:15 PM Galera: Multi-Master Synchronous MySQL Replication Clusters [slides]
Seppo Jaakola, Codership
03:40 PM Different Load patterns from Myspace Applications verses Facebook Applications. Building a datalayer to support both.
Dathan Pattishall, RockYou
04:05 PM Proactive Operational Measures [slides]
Nicklas Westerlund and Augusto Bott, Pythian
04:30 PM Xtrabackup online backup for InnoDB/XTraDB [slides]
Vadim Tkachenko, Percona LLC
05:00 PM Sphinx and MySQL: A Perfect Match [slides]
Andrew Aksyonoff, Sphinx Technologies
05:25 PM How to Think About Performance [slides]
Selena Deckelmann, End Point
05:50 PM Using Storage Class Memory [slides]
Earle Philhower, Virident
06:15 PM Distributed Data Warehousing
Jim Tommaney, Calpont
06:40 PM Boost Performance with MySQL 5.1 Partitions [Link to Slideshow]
Giuseppe Maxia, Sun Microsystems
07:05 PM CouchDB: Behind the Buzz [slides]
Jan Lehnardt,
07:30 PM Amazon Cloud Recipes [slides]
Gil Hildebrand, Squidoo
07:55 PM Linux Filesystems: Who, What and Where [slides]
Stewart Smith, Sun Microsystems
08:45 PM Exploiting Multi-Core Processors, Flash Memory and High Performance Networking [slides]
Darpan Dinker and Brian O'Krafka, Schooner Information Technologies
09:10 PM Open Q&A: Performance
Monty Widenius, Mark Callaghan, Cary Milsap, Jay Pipes, Ronald Bradford, Matt Yonkovit

April 23th

08:30 AM Keynote: Disruptive Innovations in Open Source [slides]
Baron Schwartz, Percona
09:00 AM Performance Instrumentation: Beyond What You Do Now [slides]
Cary Millsap, Method R
09:55 AM Pushing the Envelope
Don MacAskill, SmugMug
10:50 AM The Life of a Dirty Page [slides]
Mark Callaghan, Google
11:15 AM Making PBXT Faster [slides]
Vladimir Kolesnikov, Primebase Technologies
11:55 AM Hive: Distributed Data Warehousing with Hadoop [slides]
Ashish Thusoo and Prasad Chakka, Facebook
12:20 PM Big Bad Postgres: A Multi-Terabyte Instance [slides]
Theo Schlossnagle, OmniTI
12:45 PM Efficient Pagination Using MySQL [slides]
Surat Bhati, Yahoo!
01:10 PM Removing I/O Bottlenecks in Large Query Intensive Applications
Karl Van Den Bergh, KickFire
01:35 PM High Performance MySQL from a Boring Architecture [slides]
Baron Schwartz, Percona
02:00 PM Sphinx Cheatsheet
Andrew Aksyonoff, Sphinx Technologies
02:25 PM Hunting Down Problems with oProfile
Monty Taylor, Sun Microsystems
02:50 PM Building a Dedicated Analytics Server with LucidDB [slides]
John Sichi, The Eigenbase Project
03:15 PM Hypertable [slides]
Doug Judd, Zvents
03:40 PM Trees and More with PostgreSQL [slides]
David Fetter, PgExperts
04:05 PM MySQL and Search at Craigslist [slides]
Jeremy Zawodny, Craigslist
04:30 PM Drizzle's Approach to Improving Performance of the Server [slides]
Jay Pipes, Sun Microsystems
04:55 PM Virtualized Block Device I/O Performance [slides]
Florian Haas, Linbit
05:20 PM InnoDB Performance Tuning [slides]
Peter Zaitsev, Percona
05:45 PM Websites on Speed [Link to Slideshow]
Philip Tellis, Yahoo!
06:10 PM Running a Realtime Stats Service on MySQL [slides]
Kazuho Oku, Pathtraq
06:35 PM The Ideal Performance Architecture [slides]
Ronald Bradford, 42sql
07:00 PM Non-Disruptive Backups [slides]
Nicklas Westerlund and Keath Nupuf, Pythian
07:25 PM High Performance Erlang [slides]
Jan Henry Nystrom Erlang Training & Consulting
07:50 PM MySQL Replication: Getting The Most From Slaves [slides]
Peter Zaitsev, Percona
08:15 PM Lightning Talks
09:05 PM Open Q&A: Feature Request Bonanza
Monty Widenius, Ryan Huddleston