Percona Live: Open Source Database Performance Conference - Amsterdam 2016 Logo

October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kenny Gryp

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Kenny Gryp

MySQL Practice Manager, Percona


Kenny is currently MySQL Practice Manager at Percona.


5 October 3:40 PM - 4:05 PM at Matterhorn 2
This presentation will present several Open Source tools which can provide DBA's, sysadmins and developers with additional information on the state and performance of their database while also facilitating the management of their database environment. We will present and discuss several following operational issues: - How to archive data from a large table while keeping an eye on the... [read more]
5 October 2:40 PM - 3:05 PM at Matterhorn 2
Percona XtraBackup is a free, open source, complete online backup solution for all versions of Percona Server, MySQL® and MariaDB®.
3 October 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM at Matterhorn 2
During this tutorial, attendees have their hands on virtual machines and migrate standard Master - Slave architecture to the new MySQL native Group Replication. After explaining briefly what is group replication and how this is important for MySQL HA architecture. We will cover how to verify the workload and the scheme to how GR can be used and configured. Then we will go trough the... [read more]