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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Practical JSON in MySQL 5.7

Practical JSON in MySQL 5.7

 4 October 4:20 PM - 5:10 PM @ Lausanne
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50 minutes conference
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Native JSON support is new for MySQL in version 5.7, but how much should we be using it? Is this merely an optimization for the JSON data that many of us have been storing for years in previous versions of MySQL, or is it time to consider expanded use cases for JSON in MySQL? In this session, I will discuss some of the practical uses of JSON in MySQL, focusing on version 5.7 but also discussing options for previous versions. I will discuss several specific use cases, as well as some JSON antipatterns that should be avoided. Some topics I will address: - The evolution of JSON parsing in MySQL: from stored routines to UDFs to native functions - Real-life use cases: Custom fields, flexible rollups, nested objects, etc. - The power of JSON + virtual columns - How schemaless is too schemaless? - Storing JSON as text versus using new JSON data types - Read/write balance considerations - Disk storage implications - Indexing JSON documents in MySQL


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Ike Walker

Database Architect, GitHub


Ike Walker is a Database Architect at GitHub. He has 16 years of experience with relational databases, and has been working with MySQL since 2006. Ike runs the Boston MySQL meetup, and holds a gold badge for mysql on

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