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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Patroni: PostgreSQL High Availability made easy

Patroni: PostgreSQL High Availability made easy

 4 October 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM @ Winterthur
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50 minutes conference
High Availability


Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform, trusts PostgreSQL to manage more than 15TB of data in total. While PostgreSQL is rock-solid and robust, it doesn't have built-in failover capabilities. In order to rapidly deploy and reliably run numerous PostgreSQL clusters on Amazon cloud and in existing data centers we've developed Patroni, a daemon to manage PostgreSQL. It uses etcd, Zookeeper or Consul as a single distributed source of truth about the cluster state. Patroni makes automatic failovers configurable and avoids split-brain related issues by taking advantage of consensus algorithms implemented in the aforementioned tools to ensure there is only one leader at a time. Is has a modular design and can be extended with reasonable efforts to support open-source databases other than PostgreSQL. The talk primary audience is Database Engineers, SREs, Software Engineers looking for a reliable and easy way to provision and run high-availability database setups. The talk will describe and demo numerous capabilities of Patroni, show the real-world use cases and explain how the open-source nature of the technologies used by Patroni helps building reliable and fault-tolerant database systems. Patroni itself is open-source and developed in the open on . It is used by various big and small companies in Europe and US.


Oleksii Kliukin's picture

Oleksii Kliukin

Database Engineer, Zalando SE


Oleksii is a PostgreSQL contributor and has more than 10 years of experience working with PostgreSQL and other open-source databases. As a part of the growing Zalando team, he is building the open-source ecosystem in order to simplify provisioning of the new databases in the cloud and to make the existing one truly fault-tolerant.

Alexander Kukushkin's picture

Alexander Kukushkin

Database Engineer, Zalando SE


Alexander has many years of experience working with PostgreSQL and other open-source databases. He is the most active contributor to the Patroni project. He occasionally finds issues in well-known open-source projects (PostgreSQL, pgbouncer) and contributes patches.

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