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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

MySQL Group Replication: Multi-Master HA

MySQL Group Replication: Multi-Master HA

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
High Availability


There is an exciting MySQL plugin that provides multi-master update everywhere with built-in HA capabilities. The plugin is called MySQL Group Replication and it combines distributed systems technologies with database replication. High availability is achieved through redundancy, by consistently replicating data throughout a set of MySQL servers. Multi-master update everywhere is based on row-level conflict detection and on the fact that the plugin leverages distributed coordination among servers to deploy consistent conflict handling. Thus the system behaves as a replicated state machine. At its core is a group communication service providing reliable and dependable message passing for a group of MySQL servers. This enables automatic and consistent coordination between all the participants in the group. The net result is a fault-tolerant MySQL data store. Come and learn about the latest developments about Group Replication. Moreover, learn how you can deploy it and set it up on your infrastructure.


Pedro Gomes's picture

Pedro Gomes

Software Developer, Oracle


Pedro is graduated and did his masters on Minho University where he did his dissertation on distributed systems. It was a mainly about the use of NoSQL databases in the industry and it included a ORM proof of concept. He joined Oracle on September 2012 after having worked for one year for the University Distributed System Lab doing some research.

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