It’s a wrap!
Over 400 attendees from around the world gathered for the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference in Amsterdam to hear speakers present on MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other open source databases. The in depth content of the presentations combined with the many fun networking opportunities gave attendees many reasons to rave about the event. A huge thank you to our top sponsors,, Red Hat and RocksDB for helping make this event possible along with all our other sponsors. Save the date for Percona Live Europe being held in DUBLIN next year, September 25th-27th.

The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference is the premier event for the diverse and active open source database community, as well as businesses that develop and use open source database software. The conferences have a technical focus with an emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and other open source databases. Tackling subjects such as analytics, architecture and design, security, operations, scalability and performance, Percona Live provides in-depth discussions for your high-availability, IoT, cloud, big data and other changing business needs. This conference is an opportunity to network with peers and technology professionals by bringing together accomplished DBA’s, system architects and developers from around the world to share their knowledge and experience – all to help you learn how to tackle your open source database challenges in a whole new way.

October 3-5, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tutorials Schedule - Monday 3 October 2016

InnoDB Architecture and Performance Optimization
Peter Zaitsev

Best Practices for MySQL High Availability
Colin Charles

ProxySQL Tutorial
René Cannaò, Derek Downey, David Turner

MySQL operations in Docker
Giuseppe Maxia

MySQL GTID Implementation, Maintenance, and Best Practices
Brian Cain, Mark Filipi, Gillian Gunson

Become a MySQL DBA (Part 1)
Krzysztof Książek

MongoDB 101 (Part 1)
Art van Scheppingen

NoSQL Data Stores in Research and Practice
Erik Witt, Felix Gessert

MySQL Performance Schema in action
Sveta Smirnova

MySQL Group Replication in a nutshell: hands-on tutorial
Frédéric Descamps, Kenny Gryp

MyRocks Deep Dive: Flash Optimized LSM Database for MySQL, and its Use Case at Facebook
Yoshinori Matsunobu

MySQL Schema design in practice
Jaime Crespo

MySQL High Availability with Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7
Peter Zaitsev, Alok Pathak, Krunal Bauskar

Become a MySQL DBA (Part 2)
Krzysztof Książek

MongoDB 101 (Part 2)
Kim Wilkins, David Murphy

The Complete MariaDB Tutorial
Colin Charles

Schedule Day 1 - Tuesday 4 October 2016

Welcoming Remarks
Jim Doherty

Open Source Database Ecosystem in 2016
Peter Zaitsev

Features We Need Versus Features that Scale
Mark Callaghan

Full-Text Search Explained
Philipp Krenn

Understanding Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Operation and Key Algorithms
Krunal Bauskar

Everything you wanted to know about MongoRocks
Igor Canadi

MySQL 8.0: Overview
Geir Høydalsvik

Improving Performance with Better Indexes
Ronald Bradford

Common Table Expressions in MariaDB 10.2
Galina Shalygina, Sergei Petrunia

Exploring the replication in MongoDB
Igor Donchovski, Okan Buyukyilmaz

Patroni: PostgreSQL High Availability made easy
Oleksii Kliukin, Alexander Kukushkin

Elasticsearch for SQL Users
Philipp Krenn

MySQL Monitoring with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)
Peter Zaitsev

Monitoring MongoDB’s Engines in the Wild
Tim Vaillancourt

MySQL 8.0: what’s new in Optimizer
Manyi Lu

MySQL configuration generation at Dropbox
Peter Boros, Viacheslav Bakhmutov

Monitoring Open Source Databases with Icinga
Bernd Erk

ToroDB: All your MongoDB data are belong to SQL
Álvaro Hernández

Migrating to PostgreSQL, the new story
Dimitri Fontaine

Modern SQL in Open Source Databases
Markus Winand

Use ProxySQL to Improve Your MySQL High Availability Solution
Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

MongoDB Backups, All Grown Up!
David Murphy

MySQL 8.0: what's new in InnoDB
Sunny Bains

Replication Smackdown
Ronald Bradford

Data Diversity at
Kris Köhntopp

meeting the MySQL Team

Relational Databases at Uber: MySQL & Postgres
Evan Klitzke

Datastore axes: Choosing the scalability direction you need
Nicolai Plum

One System to Fit Them All: Shared MySQL Hosting at Facebook
Andrew Regner

Breaking Barriers: MongoDB Design Patterns
Christos Soulios, Nikolaos Vyzas

MySQL Replication: Latest Developments
Luis Soares

Everyday We’re Shuffling — Online Shard Migration at Facebook
Daren Seagrave

Percona XtraDB 5.7: Key Performance Algorithms
Laurynas Biveinis

PostgreSQL worst practices
Ilya Kosmodemiansky

Monitoring All Elements of Your Database Operations with Zabbix
Alexey Vladishev

MySQL/MariaDB Parallel Replication: inventory, use-cases and limitations
Jean-François Gagné

Updated Sharding Guidelines in MongoDB 3.x with Storage Engine Considerations
Kimberly Wilkins

MySQL Document Store
Jan Kneschke

Migrating To MySQL 5.7 - The Live Database Upgrade Guide
Krzysztof Książek

PINBA: in-memory MySQL storage engine for a full-stack real-time performance analytics
Alexey Rybak, Tony Dovgal

Practical JSON in MySQL 5.7
Ike Walker

Open Source SQL databases enters millions queries per second era
Sveta Smirnova, Alexander Korotkov

MySQL Time Machine by replicating into HBase
Bosko Devetak, Rares Mirica

Massive Schema Changes in Facebook
Junyi Lu, Jesse Salomon

MySQL 8.0: Common Table Expressions
Øystein Grøvlen

Launching Vitess: How to run YouTube's MySQL sharding engine
Anthony Yeh, Dan Rogart

Overcoming Upgrade Phobia
Daniel Black

Using Ansible to Manage MySQL
Josh Varner, Emily Slocombe, Mark Filipi

Linux tuning to improve PostgreSQL performance: from hardware to postgresql.conf
Ilya Kosmodemiansky

Schedule Day 2 - Wednesday 5 October 2016

Welcoming Remarks
Jim Doherty

Percona Contributions to the Open Source Database Ecosystem
Peter Zaitsev

The MariaDB Foundation – Ensuring continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem
Otto Kekäläinen

State of the Dolphin
Geir Høydalsvik

ClickHouse: High-Performance Distributed DBMS for Analytics
Victor Tarnavsky

Introducing gh-ost: triggerless, painless, trusted online schema migrations
Shlomi Noach, Tom Krouper

MongoDB query monitoring
Pavel Trukhanov

MySQL Load Balancers - MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx - a close up look
Krzysztof Książek

Securing your MySQL/MariaDB data
Ronald Bradford, Colin Charles

MySQL and Ceph: A tale of two friends
Taco Scargo, Karan Singh

Transactional Data Dictionary in MySQL 8.0: An Internal Server Component That Matters
Dmitry Lenev

How to automate, monitor and manage your MongoDB servers
Art van Scheppingen

Turbocharge Your SQL Queries In-Memory with Apache Ignite™
Christos Erotocritou

Binlog Server at Facebook
Teng Li, Santosh praneeth Banda

Transparent tablespace and log encryption on MariaDB 10.1 using Amazon Key Management Service
Jan Lindström

ProxySQL Use Case Scenarios
René Cannaò, Alkin Tezuysal

Meet MariaDB 10.2
Sergei Golubchik

MySQL X protocol - talking to MySQL directly over the wire
Simon Mudd

Using multisource replication in MySQL 5.7 for resharding
Daniël van Eeden

Agile web-development with RethinkDB
Ilya Verbitskiy

Making a case for in-memory database: inside Tarantool (Part 1)
Konstantin Osipov

ProxySQL and Friends Discussion
Shlomi Noach

MongoDB Scalability Best Practices
Jason Terpko

Splitting a Database Without Down-time
Eric Herman

Less passwords, more security: mass administration of MariaDB servers with socket authentication
Otto Kekäläinen

One Tool to Rule Them All: Seamless SQL on MongoDB, MySQL and Redis with Apache Spark
Tim Vaillancourt

MySQL Cluster 7.5
Bernhard Ocklin

SQL for JSON: Querying with Performance for NoSQL Databases and Applications
Laurent Doguin

Performance and Efficiency with MyRocks and MongoRocks
Mark Callaghan

Online MySQL Backups with Percona XtraBackup
Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Kenny Gryp

WiredTiger configuration variables - Looking under the hood
Antonios Giannopoulos

Galera Project State of Art
Seppo Jaakola

Scalable Big Query Using SPIDER Parallel Queries and OpenSVC
VAROQUI Stephane

Percona Monitoring and Management in Action
Peter Zaitsev

The MySQL Ecosystem in 2016
Colin Charles

Processing 11 billions events a day with Spark in Badoo
Alexander Krasheninnikov

Inside CockroachDB’s Survivability Model
Marc Berhault

Exploring Percona XtraDB Cluster using Performance Schema
Krunal Bauskar

Mongo System Tuning Best Practices
Tim Vaillancourt

A Micro Service Data Layer Discovery Pattern using MySQL, MariaDB MaxScale & Consul
Abbas Ahmed

7 things in Cassandra that you cannot find in RDBMS
Duy Hai Doan

Making a case for in-memory database: inside Tarantool (Part 2)
Konstantin Osipov

Percona PMM: Integrate Percona Cluster Monitoring within an existing monitoring platform
Rachid Zarouali

Extending Redis with Modules
Itamar Haber

Best Practices Migrating to Open Source Databases
Peter Zaitsev

Percona Toolkit, A MySQL DBA's Toolkit In Action
Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Kenny Gryp

Secondary Reads: The good and the bad
Bartłomiej Nogaś

Comparing Synchronous Replication Solutions in the Cloud
Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

Alexey Kopytov

Introducing Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB
David Murphy

MySQL and Red Hat Ceph: Free Test Environment Introduction
Taco Scargo, Karan Singh

MongoDB: Comparing WiredTiger In-Memory Engine to Redis
Jason Terpko

Lessons from database failures
Colin Charles

Working with MongoDB as MySQL DBA
Igor Donchovski, Martin Arrieta

Virtual Columns in MySQL and MariaDB
Federico Razzoli

Continuous MySQL Backup Validation at Facebook
Divij Rajkumar

How we build TiDB
Max Liu

Introducing ScaleDB, the New Clustered, Distributed Storage Engine for MySQL
Ivan Zoratti

Optimizing Queries Using Window Functions
Vicentiu-Marian Ciorbaru

challenging the Intel Xeon: ARM and OpenPower
Johan De Gelas

MySQL Performance Schema & Sys Schema
Mark Leith

WiredTiger B-Tree vs WiredTiger In-Memory
Sveta Smirnova

Infrastructure review - Shining a light on the Black Box
Miklos Szel

Etsy's Migration to SSDs
Jeremy Tinley

Using SPIDER for sharding in production
VAROQUI Stephane, Kayoko GOTO, Kentoku SHIBA

MySQL Query Performance Tuning: A 12 Step Program
Janis Griffin

Google Cloud SQL: MySQL in the Cloud
Pravin Pillai