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Over the years, our Percona Live conferences have provided database developers, administrators, and decision-makers a unique opportunity to network with peers and technology professionals by uniting the best and brightest of the open source database community to share their knowledge, experience, and use cases.

Although we had to cancel our Austin event, we didn’t want our community to miss out, so we are taking the event online, and into everyone’s living room, home offices, or basements for a full 24 hours! This will be the first of its kind for the open source community, with streaming content from around the world allowing people to jump in when it suits them or challenge themselves to a 24-hour marathon of the latest news, tips, and trends from the world’s leading database experts!

Percona Live ONLINE is the place to learn about how open source database technology can power your applications, improve your websites, secure your data, and solve critical database issues. Brought to the community, free of charge for anyone to attend.

Join sessions, and network through virtual chat rooms and viewing lounges on platforms such as The Live Chat Stream and Slack Rooms dedicated to each topic or technology.

We’ll also have fun competitions, challenges, and opportunities to get cool swag for all our attendees!


Technology Keynotes

10:00 hs EDT

State of Open Source Databases

by Peter Zaitsev Percona


10:30 hs EDT

Trends that are disrupting and breaking your database infrastructure

by Matt YonkovitPercona


11:00 hs EDT

State of the Dolphin

by Frédéric DescampsOracle


11:30 hs EDT

Moving Beyond Zero Sum Approaches to Open Source

Matt AsayAWS


Project Image
12:00 hs EDT

Will Postgres Live Forever?

Bruce MomjianEDB


Project Image
12:30 hs EDT

MariaDB 10.4 and the Competition

Kaj ArnoMariaDB


Central Time Zone

13:00 hs EDT

Profiling MySQL and MariaDB Hash Join Implementations

by Jim Tommaney Alibaba


13:30 hs EDT

A Step by Step Guide to Using Databases on Containers

by Kathy Gibbs AWS


14:00 hs EDT

Migrate from MongoDB Replica-Set to a Sharded Cluster

by Antonios Giannopoulos & Jason Terpko Rackspace


15:00 hs EDT

Orchestrating Cassandra with Kubernetes Operator and Yelp PaaSTA

by Raghavendra Prabhu Yelp


16:00 hs EDT

Anti-Cheating Tool for Massive Multiplayer Games Using Amazon Aurora and Amazon ML Services

by Yoav Eilat & Yahav Biran AWS


Pacific Time Zone

17:00 hs EDT

MySQL on Google Cloud: War and Peace!

by Akshay Suryawanshi & Jeremy Cole Shopify


17:30 hs EDT

A Survey of Strategies Used at Box to Protect MySQL

by Priyanka ReddyBox


18:00 hs EDT

Declarative Caching with Postgres and Redis

by Kyle DavisRedis Labs


Project Image
18:30 hs EDT

Creating an Open Source MySQL Firewall

by Alex RubinVirtualHealth


Pacific Time Zone

19:00hs EDT

Unbounded Scale: Using Vitess for Scaling Write Intensive Workloads

by Morgan Tocker, Daniel Guzman BurgosPlanetScale + Percona


20:00 EDT

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.6 - Security Threat Tool

by Daniel Guzman Burgos, Steve Hoffman Percona


20:30 EDT

Open Source cost-efficiency in action: analyzing 500B rows on a single ClickHouse server

by Alexander Zaitsev Altinity


Project Image
21:00 hs EDT

Dark Corners of the MySQL Code Base

by Daniel Black IBM


22:00 hs EDT

Kubernetes - the Swiss Army Knife for your ProxySQL deployments

by Rene Cannao ProxySQL


India Time Zone

23:00hs EDT

Expert MariaDB: Utilize MariaDB Server Effectively

by Colin CharlesConsultant


00:00hs EDT

Parallelism in PostgreSQL

by Ibrar AhmedPercona


01:00hs EDT

ClickHouse New Features 2020

by Aleksei MilovidovYandex


Europe Time Zone

02:00hs EDT

Running Elasticsearch at Large Scale

by Alex CercelPalantir Technologies


02:30hs EDT

Comparison of Kubernetes Operators for MySQL

by Mykola MarzhanPercona


03:00hs EDT

Enhancing MySQL Security at LinkedIn

by Karthik AppigatlaLinkedIn


03:30hs EDT

Scaling Financial Audit Logs at TransferWise With MongoDB

by Pedro AlbuquerqueTransferWise


EDT Time Zone

4:00hs EDT

Diagnosing Memory Utilization, Leaks and Stalls in Production

Marcos Albe Percona


5:00hs EDT

MongoDB 4.4 preview


5:30hs EDT

MySQL and Clickhouse


Project Image
6:00hs EDT

Dynamic Tracing for Finding and Solving MariaDB (and MySQL) Performance Problems on Linux

Valeriy Kravchuk MariaDB


7:00hs EDT

Optimize and Troubleshoot MySQL using PMM 2

Peter Zaitsev Percona


8:00hs EDT

Cassandra Where and How

John Schulz Pythian


9:00hs EDT

Working With PostgreSQL as a JSON Document Store

Robert Bernier Percona


9:30hs EDT

Mostly Mistaken and Ignored Parameters While Optimizing a PostgreSQL Database

Avi Vallarapu Percona


Past Percona Live Conferences

Sep 30, 2019 to Oct 2, 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 28, 2019 to May 30, 2019
Austin, Texas

Nov 5, 2018 to Nov 7, 2018
Frankfurt, Germany


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Tuesday, May 19, 2020 to Wednesday, May 20, 2020
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