An introduction to Database as a Service with an emphasis on OpenStack using Trove

14 April 11:30am - 12:20pm @ Room 209

50 minutes conference
This presentation is aimed at a very broad audience including IT Manager, CxO, DevOps, and database users, and provides a high level introduction to Database as a Service, and focuses on DBaaS with OpenStack Trove. It helps answer such questions as, “What are some major problems faced by IT and database users in the organization”, “What are the benefits of DBaaS”, “What is OpenStack Trove”, “How does Trove relate to such things as Amazon RDS, MongoHQ, Heroku, DynamoDB, HP Cloud Relational Database and Rackspace Cloud Databases”, “Should I offer DBaaS to my organization”, and “Practical considerations in migrating to DBaaS”. It presents some practical examples of benefits achieved in adopting DBaaS, and shares learning from the adoption process, and highlights some potential pitfalls. It concludes with a description of the capabilities of OpenStack Trove, and presents a view of the road-map of features for upcoming releases.


Director of Product Management, Percona
Matt Griffin is a Director of Product Management at Percona. In this role, Matt seeks to understand market activities and user needs to guide and enhance Percona’s products and services. Two of his primary areas of focus include Percona Toolkit and Percona Managed Services (including the Remote DBA offering). Matt has a deep background in open source software and came to Percona from Canonical. He also has a keen interest in operations and application development and has spoken at events such as the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta.
Founder & CTO, Tesora Inc
Amrith Kumar brings more than two decades of experience delivering industry-leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault tolerant high performance systems and massively parallel databases to Tesora, which he co-founded. Earlier, he served as vice president of technology and product management at Dataupia, maker of the Satori Data Warehousing platform , and Sepaton’s director and general manager where he was responsible for the development of the core virtual tape library product. As a director of product development at Netezza, he managed end-to-end product delivery for all customers and prospects. Amrith studied mathematics at the University of Madras (India) and management at the Indian Institute of Management.