JSON support in MySQL 5.7

16 April 3:00PM - 3:50PM @ Ballroom F

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50 minutes conference

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With the newly added JSON support in MySQL, you can combine the flexibility of NoSQL with the strength of a relational database. In this session, we will explain the new JSON datatype, and the new set of functions for handling JSON documents, available storage and indexing options. In addition, we will present benchmarks showing how much one can expect from the MySQL server in different use case scenarios.


Principal Software Engineer, Oracle
Evgeny Potemkin is Principal Software Engineer in MySQL's Optimizer team, where he works since 2005. 
Director Software Development, Oracle
I have 15 years experience in the database field. I am currently working as senior engineering manager at Oracle, heading the MySQL optimizer team. Previously, I held various positions both as product manager and engineering manager at Sun Microsystems.