GTID Replication - Implementation and Troubleshooting

Replication & Backup
15 April 1:00PM - 1:50PM @ Ballroom G

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50 minutes conference

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My talk will be mainly about GTID replication, how to implement and troubleshoot it. I'll start by explaining what is GTID passing in brief about the GTID concept and what benefits are there when using GTID instead of the classic method. After that I'll go though the most important MySQL GTID system variables explaining how to implement a GTID replication from scratch then perform a simple practical implementation demo of a GTID replication and do a fail-over process showing a GTID benefit when doing the fail-over. Then I'll go through the migration process from a replication setup using the classic method (based on binary logs information) to the transaction-based replication (based on GTID), here I'll talk in brief how to perform the migration in both MySQL 5.6 and 5.7. Finally, I'll move to a very important topic which is how to troubleshoot GTID replication. Of course, no MySQL user should deploy GTID replication in production unless knowing how to troubleshoot it and how to fix most of the expected errors. I'll focus on the following two operations which are mostly expected in the replication setup: 1- How to inject an empty transaction. 2- How to re-initialize a slave when the replication is broken and could not be started anymore. For each issue I'll make a small comparison on how it should be solved in the classic replication and in GTID replication so that you will have a complete idea on how to cope with the new fixes. If you didn't try MySQL GTID replication or would like to know more about it, I recommend you to attend this session!


Senior Database Administrator, Rakuten, Inc.
Abdel-Mawla joined Rakuten, Inc.  as a Senior Database Administrator in 2014. Main specialities include MySQL operations, performance tuning, backup and recovery, replication and HA. Before Rakuten, he was working at FromDual as a MySQL support engineer and The BookDepository as a MySQL DBA for about 10 years of total experience. He also blogs at .