Adding indirection enhances functionality - the story of a proxy

High Availability
16 April 12:50PM - 1:40PM @ Ballroom B

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50 minutes conference

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The definition of a proxy is a level of indirection between a client and the server to which it is connecting, in this presentation we hope to show that by adding knowledge of the traffic that is being sent, that a proxy is much more than a simple connection routing appliance. The particular proxy in question is the MaxScale project which provides a pluggable architecture and unique knowledge of SQL syntax to enable complex routing decisions to be made whilst providing simple mechanisms to extend and enhance the functionality of the proxy. Using this framework we will show how the proxy can be used to give transparent scalability both for scale out of data volumes (using sharding techniques), and scale out for performance (distributing statements across a set of servers within a cluster). In addition some of the other "tricks" that can be achieved by the use of filtering plugins to monitor, modify and block statement execution will be discussed. This will include examples of legacy support, real time data export, extremely fine gain access control and simple performance investigation.


Staff Engineer, VMware
Mark has worked in the computer industry for almost 30 years, this has included many roles in various software companies developing network and imaging applications. Mark is a staff engineer at VMware working on the database implementation within vCloud Air. Prior to that he worked for SkySQL, now known as MariaDB Corporation, in the engineering department, designing and implementing database tools and the MaxScale database proxy. Previously he was at Sybase as chief designer and project leader for the database kernel development team.
Senior Software Engineer, MariaDB Corporation
Massimiliano has worked for almost 15 years in Web Companies playing the roles of Technical Leader and Software Engineer.
Prior to joining SkySQL/MariaDB he worked at Banzai Group and Matrix S.p.A, big players in the Italy Web Industry.
He is still a guy who likes too much the terminal window on his Mac.
Apache modules and PHP extensions skills are included as well.