Lightning Talks

The always entertaining Lightning Talks are during the Wednesday night, April 15, Community Networking Reception which begins immediately following the breakout sessions.

  • Chris Merz
    In this talk, we’ll demo the creation of a 1TB MySQL replication slave at 300x faster than the traditional provisioning time. This is a technical demonstration that will show detailed operational procedures. The legacy process for creating a MySQL replication slave from a 1TB master takes between 6-12 hours, depending on environment and conditions. The demonstrated process will take closer to... [read more]
  • Vishnu Rao
    Is MySQL an avatar of Apache Kafka ? Can it be Kafka ? Yes, it can. This talk takes a shot at modeling MySQL as Kafka. PS: it's unconventional, hence a WILD supposition :)
  • Justin Swanhart
    This talk will describe how Flexviews can be used with JSON UDF to create an indexed materialized view of data extracted from JSON documents. This can be used as an index to access the JSON documents quickly.
  • Advanced
    Michael Wang
    I would like to present an idea and the tool MySQL range partitions on date column. The ideas are: (1) Put all information on how to partition a table on the table itself. In other words, make the object itself as an object. Example: CREATE TABLE tickets ( id int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, site_id int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, display_id int(11) unsigned NOT... [read more]
  • Giuseppe Maxia
    If you have a script that installs MySQL, and you have depended on it for long time, chances are that your script was broken by recent MySQL versions, more than once. Here we show how it used to be, and how your naive compatibility assumption got broken, over, and over
  • Intermediate
    Jean-François Gagné
  • Paige Liu
    Most enterprises have a mixed IT environment with both Windows and Linux based workload. Further more, many people develop MySQL applications on Windows and run them on Linux. As companies move more and more of their workload to the cloud, we are often asked if and how they can run MySQL in the Microsoft Azure cloud. In this talk, we will discuss the options of running MySQL in Azure, the... [read more]
  • Raghavendra Prabhu
    Gone are those days when companies used to be strictly colocated in a single office. Distributed workplaces are gradually becoming the norm than an exception. So, it is essential that we talk more about it and discuss it. So, this talk is essentially about: a) Productivity and working from home. b) Scheduling flexibility. c) Challenges in communication and ways to overcome them. d)... [read more]
  • Advanced
    Roel Van de Paar, Ramesh Sivaraman
    During this Lightning Talk we will introduce pquery and it's surrounding framework. pquery can be used to test any flavor of MySQL, and is able to produce 80+ coredumps per hour. The framework has fully automatic stand-alone testcase creation, and near-100% testcase reproducibility. pquery has a C++ core, takes 15 seconds run time per trial and processes up to 20-25000 lines of... [read more]
  • Intermediate
    Sveta Smirnova
    MySQL bug #20786 received birthday cake for its 5th year anniversary. And this bug is still not in state "Closed"! Bug #989 required full rewrite of Runtime code. Its fix took 6 years of hard work. Bug #23427 was fixed in just two days. New version was released next day only to include fix for this bug. Why some bugs get fixed quickly and others wait years? What to do if MySQL bug... [read more]