Birds of a Feather Sessions

The Percona Live Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions are Tuesday night, April 14, from 6 to 7 pm.

  • Sveta Smirnova, Valerii Kravchuk
    Ballroom A
    MySQL bug #20786 received birthday cake for its 5th year anniversary. And this bug is still not in state "Closed"! Bug #989 required full rewrite of Runtime code. Its fix took 6 years of hard work. Bug #23427 was fixed in just two days. New version was released next day only to include fix for this bug. Why some bugs get fixed quickly and others wait years? What to do if MySQL bug... [read more]
  • Jay Janssen
    Ballroom B
    Users and those interested in using Galera for production purposes.
  • S. Keith Moulsdale
    Ballroom C
    Discuss the best legal and practical ways for database consultants to minimize data security risks in the face of increasing data security threats and regulations.
  • Steaphan Greene
    Ballroom D
    Join us as we discuss the issues WebScaleSQL still seeks to tackle, all the improvements we've already made, and the projects we're currently working on. Learn more about how you can contribute to the effort and how the MySQL community can continue to work together to share a common base of code changes to upstream MySQL.
  • Colin Charles
    Ballroom E
    MariaDB is now 5 years old, and has many releases. Talk to like-minded people about the ecosystem surrounding it, and what MariaDB should do next for 10.2. There will also be the famous salmiakkikossu served at the BoF.
  • Laurynas Biveinis
    Ballroom F
    This is a BoF for MySQL branch and patch maintainers. Topics to discuss: - Tracking downstream and upstream changes, coordination, security bug reporting; - CI solutions: Jenkins, Phabricator, others - Testing: making the most of MTR (big tests, suites, collections), RQG, others
  • Yoshinori Matsunobu
    Ballroom G
    InnoDB is great general purpose database and in many cases it fits the best. But sometimes we want more space and write optimized database. There are some write optimized databases outside of MySQL ecosystem, but we want to utilize existing MySQL assets like Replication and related tools. To fill the gap, we started developing a new storage engine on top of RocksDB ( --... [read more]
  • Rick James
    Ballroom H
    Come find out how to speed up your SQL. Rick James will impart speedup tidbits. Find out about PARTITIONing (why it won't necessarily help), Tuning (the one setting to change), INDEXes (esp. "compound"), Pagination (not with OFFSET), Batching INSERTs (10x speedup), Data Warehousing (use Summary Tables), Datatypes, Tricks, Kludges, Techniques, etc. Bring your questions.
  • -
    Geoffrey Anderson
    Room 203
    A live, in-person meeting with some of the participants of bi-weekly virtual meetup to simply talk about anything database-related and solutions to common problems. Also be sure to check out for previous recordings and discussions!