Steaphan Greene

Software Engineer, Facebook

Steaphan is the tech lead for the MySQL Engineering team at Facebook. A life-long free software advocate and contributor, Steaphan currently spends most of his time making MySQL faster, more reliable, and more efficient for Facebook's highly-available, web-scale deployment. Prior to Facebook, he spent many years as a Lecturer of Computer Science at Binghamton University.


Formed as a collaboration among engineers facing similar challenges in running MySQL at scale, WebScaleSQL was born out of a desire to achieve greater performance from a database technology tailored to their specific needs. It aims to enable the scale-oriented members of the MySQL community to work more closely together in order to prioritize the aspects that are most important to us.
Facebook deployed MySQL 5.6 in 2013 on very critical environments, and has continued to add features to work better for us. In this session, the speaker explains 5.6 best practices worked at Facebook, lessons learned, and major feature enhancements such as faster full table scan, efficient semi-synchronous replication, etc. Facebook's recent move to WebScaleSQL, and future plans for that... [read more]