Shlomi Noach

Senior Systems Engineer, GitHub

Shlomi is a senior systems engineer at GitHub. He is an active MySQL community member, and an experienced consultant and instructor. He authors the orchestrator, common_schema, openark-kit (and others) open source tools, and blogs at Shlomi is an Oracle ACE, Oracle Technologist of the Year: 2011, and the 2009 MySQL Community Member of the Year.


This session exposes tools and techniques used at Outbrain to manage its MySQL servers, bridging the gaps between our Developers, DBAs and Ops. We will present how we: - Automate MySQL instance deployments - Get and use online info on our servers inventory & hardware - Deploy & propagate schema changes to our various environments - Ship logs (slow, audit) to central analysis tools... [read more]
This session introduces the common_schema project: a self contained schema which leverages the DBA and the developer capabilities through a set of sophisticated views, routines and a specialized scripting language (QueryScript), simplifying MySQL server administration and analysis. common_schema is aimed to be imported onto any MySQL server, on any platform. Along with INFORMATION_SCHEMA and... [read more]