Survey of Percona Toolkit: Command-line Tools for MySQL

2 April 1:20PM - 2:10PM @ Ballroom G

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Percona Toolkit is a collection of more then 30 command-line tools for MySQL that automate a variety of MySQL and system tasks. With so many choices, it can be difficult knowing where to start: is pt-archiver safe? what is the relationship between pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync? how does pt-online-schema-change work? etc. This session will survey 9 of the most popular tools in Percona Toolkit: pt-archiver, pt-duplicate-key-checker, pt-mysql-summary, pt-online-schema-change, pt-query-digest, pt-stalk, pt-summary, pt-table-checksum, and pt-table-sync. The main purpose of each of these tools will be explained and briefly demonstrated. If you have never heard of Percona Toolkit, or if you have but are still new to it, this session will provide you with a starting point from which you can learn more about the particular tools that spark your interest.


System Architect, Percona
Daniel started making MySQL tools in 2004. At the time almost no MySQL tools existed publicly. In 2005 he created where he published tools and whitepapers about MySQL performance, query optimization, and internals. These were lessons learned from his previous job as a Unix sysadmin at a large datacenter. Daniel joined Percona in July 2008 to work on Maatkit, a suite of command-line tools for MySQL which is now Percona Toolkit. At the 2010 MySQL Conference & Expo, Daniel was named the Community Contributor of the Year for his work on Maatkit. Daniel currently leads web development at Percona, focusing on Percona Cloud Tools, a web app and service for MySQL performance management.