Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric

Replication and High Availability Strategies
3 April 11:10AM - 12:00PM @ Ballroom G

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
MySQL Fabric is an open-source solution released by the MySQL Engineering team at Oracle. It make management of farms of MySQL servers easy and available for both applications with small and large number of servers. In order to provide resilience to failures, MySQL Fabric organizes the servers in groups and deploys high-availability solutions within each group. The concept is independent of the implementation, which can be done using traditional asynchronous primary backup approach, MySQL Cluster or solutions with shared or replicated storage. In the first version, availability is implemented using the asynchronous primary backup approach. As the enterprise grows, so does the data and the number of requests for the data. A single server will not be able to handle the increased demands on size and load of the database. A common technique for scaling is to shard the database thereby reducing the write load and data size for each server. MySQL Fabric is integrated with the connectors and provides an enhanced API for working with massively sharded databases. In this presentation, you will get an introduction to MySQL Fabric and how it support high-availability and sharding as well as how to write and manage applications taking advantage of the latest features of MySQL Fabric.


Senior Principal Software Developer, MySQL Group, Oracle
Mats Kindahl is Senior Principal Software Developer in MySQL @ Oracle. He is the architect and implementer of several features (mostly replication features), including the row-based replication available in 5.1 and the binary log group commit available in MySQL 5.6 and is a regular presenter at MySQL conferences. Before starting MySQL he earned a doctoral degree in the area of automated verification of distributed systems and worked with implementation of C and C++ compilers. Mats is currently leading the MySQL Scaling and High-Availability effort covering the newly released MySQL Fabric and the MySQL Applier for Hadoop.