MySQL DevOps @ Outbrain

Database Administration
3 April 3:30PM - 4:20PM @ Ballroom F

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
This session exposes tools and techniques used at Outbrain to manage its MySQL servers, bridging the gaps between our Developers, DBAs and Ops. We will present how we: - Automate MySQL instance deployments - Get and use online info on our servers inventory & hardware - Deploy & propagate schema changes to our various environments - Ship logs (slow, audit) to central analysis tools And more... Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform on the web. Embedded in over 90,000 websites including some of the largest news providers, it serves over 150 million unique US visitors, 15 billion pages and 100 billion recommendations per month. Our dataset spans hundreds of servers, including MySQL, Hadoop & Cassandra. Managing total of over 2000 servers, continuously deployed by over 70 developers, automation plays a key part in our growth. We are fans of open source. This session presents open source tools, either adopted or developed in house and released to the public.


Senior Infrastructure Engineer, GitHub
Shlomi is an engineer and a database geek. He is an active MySQL community member, authors gh-ost, orchestrator, common_schema and other open source tools, and blogs at <a href=""></a>. Shlomi is recipient of Oracle ACE, Oracle Technologist of the Year, and MySQL Community Member of the Year awards. He works at GitHub on the database infrastructure team.