MySQL 5.7: InnODB - What's new

New Features
2 April 11:30AM - 12:20PM @ Ballroom D

50 minutes conference
Learn about the improvements that are coming in MySQL/InnoDB 5.7. It has massive scalability improvements. Improvements are around CPU utilisation and more effective use of faster IO. Faster temporary tables, Memcached plugin improvements that deliver 1M QPS. Integrated data dictionary. More flexible tablespace management and lots more.


Senior Engineering Manager, Oracle
Sunny Bains joined the Oracle/InnoDB team in 2006. He is the author of the Full Text Search and responsible for numerous other optimisations in InnoDB. He currently manages the InnoDB team. He has been writing software for longer than he can remember. Prior to joining InnoDB he wrote a database engine for a distributed database product at his previous employer. The networked database was used in a mission critical environment in the airline industry with very strict service level guarantees.